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The Summit Kilimanjaro | Nominees




Hello friends! I’m in the top 25 but need your help to stay in the running this week to potentially summit Mount Kilimanjaro and spread the word about my company Amazi, all while raising money for clean water initiatives through Charity Water.

Amazi is on a mission to end bottled water for our health and our planet. If just 16% of our bottled water production and consumption was eradicated we could fund the 800+ million who don’t have access to clean water.

Amazi means “water” in Rwanda and the chance to go to Africa would be amazing as I also give portions of our own profits back to these missions.

It only takes two clicks - the link above and the Like button on the entry.

I really appreciate the support. xx

Addendum : they may have added a feature today that validates your email address to prove it’s a real person - so you may have to include that if you’re willing.

Voting ends tomorrow - so if you could take a minute to vote - I’d appreciate it and thank you for those that already have. xx

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Did I tell you about my dream?

I was standing in the street, it was night, and the power had gone out in every building north of me. Creepy and cool. I went looking for the couple I used to work for, because I thought they’d need some help with the lights out. Found them in the restaurant kitchen. There was light coming from somewhere, although they didn’t have power. And then, two of the three presenters on Top Gear UK were suddenly very interested in my feet, which was embarrassing because I’d been wearing heavy boots and my socks and feet were sweaty.

I’ll have half of what my subconscious is on.

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Him: Guess how much these were? [holds up can of cranberry sauce and a bag of potato chips]

Me: Seven bucks.

H: And fifty-five cents.

M: Did the proprietor at least gently play with your balls?

H: No, but he definitely wanted me to bend over…